A gathering of those who want to tap into what's possible

You've come to the right place if you think that there is a deeper meaning behind the events in your life yet struggle to make sense of it all. In this community, you've found fellow humans who, like you, are experiencing too many coincidences for them to be "random" and someone (me) who is gifted at helping with you with that translation. If you believe that a greater power is out there (regardless of what you call It), this community was created to give you a sacred space to discover that you're right + to share your journey with others. 


Launching 10.5.17

What if you could commune with the universe once a month_.png

Cards of insight

Each month, at the start of the month (intentionally around the new or full moon) you'll receive a tarot/oracle card spread, designed specifically for this community. You set the intention and the cards will give you the information you need, to know what's most important, what obstacles you might face and the path forward including specific areas of support. The card reading will be delivered via email and recorded by me on video.

What if every single week, your energy could be cleansed_(1).png

Fresh Clean Aura

On a weekly basis, you'll receive an energy clearing. The beauty of energy is it doesn't have any physical boundaries. 

Each week I'll conduct a Reiki energy clearing for the community at a set time so you can join in if you prefer. Otherwise, you can pull the energy down whenever you need it. It will be waiting for you, to help you refocus, refresh your senses and shift your perspective.

What if your journey was supported with mantras and motivation_.png

Words with power

About a week later you'll receive a mantra, custom designed to follow the reading. The mantra is designed to be a touch point on your monthly journey; to keep you grounded and focused.

The mantras, words chosen or created by me and written over curated images will be delivered in a png file. Downloadable, so you can print it out or use it as wallpaper on your phone or computer screen.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
— Paulo Coelho

Power in numbers

When you gather the energy of a group together, with a collective energetic connection (via u+me), the power of the group energy is amplified.

It's like being among instant friends who see the world the way you do, full of mystery + possibility.

Do you want to strengthen your meditation practice_.png

time for quiet

At the same time you receive the mantra, you'll also get an MP3 file with a guided meditation. Each month, the meditation will change to align with the cards and the journey of the community, with built-in encouragement to carve out some peace and quiet that's just for you.

The target length of the meditation will be no more than 10 minutes and you can save them all and revisit your favorites as often as you like.

get it all

Monthly cards to set the pace, a mantra + guided meditation to guide you through the month and weekly energy clearings to help keep you feeling powerful and amazing.

All for $60/month.

Discounts apply for early subscribers! 50% off (per month) for the first 10 subscribers with code LAUNCH50 and 25% off (per month) for the next 20 with code LAUNCH25.

*Try the code for a discount. If the code has expired, the discounted slots are sold out.