What others are saying


From Chris P., father, husband, full-time professional

"I really got a firm grasp on my core desired feelings and why they are important to my life (and how to make choices to support them). I also came away from the session with more self esteem/confidence in myself and my abilities. The main takeaway is that I came away optimistic and knowing that I have the power to create the life I want."   


from Holly L, Wife, full-time professional

"Lani’s coaching style is amazing. She transformed me without actually having to change who I truly am. As I’ve been working with her, my thoughts refocused from battling my own weaknesses straight on to embracing my strengths and self. She also enlightened me about the impressions I would make on others from small behaviors.
I would highly recommend Lani as a professional coach because she ensures that you leave her meetings feeling confident, beautiful, and amazing."


from alison lebrun, uniquelyu coach, www.alisonlebrun.com

"My session with Lani was so sweet, beautiful and revealing.  She held a safe and playful space for me to explore an area of life I am currently expanding.  It is an area that has a lot of emotion, and Lani was able to hold the space, and help me create a new pattern that I have never seen before. I am now super excited about what's possible and what I now have the freedom to create! Thank you so much Lani!"


From Kristin G, Wife, Mother, Writer

"My Insight session with Lani came at just the right time as I was looking for clarity on both professional and personal paths. During our time together, she guided me to ask the right questions, look at the options before me (and even some that weren't), and really pay attention to where my wants and needs intersected.

Lani customizes her services and the result is a fluid structure that adjusts as the conversation unfolds. It felt like I spent the day with a wise friend who was fully invested in my journey. I highly recommend Lani and her work to anyone looking to put their goals into a plan. Whether it's a couple hours or a full day, Lani has the insight, tools, and program for great learning."