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Designed for companies: Super Charge sessions are all about synergy and collaboration.  You may have done team-building in the past or had a team offsite to work on shared goals and build camaraderie. 

Here's how what I do is different:

  • In addition to:
    • Helping the team find and harness the power of their collective talents, fostering collaboration and synergies
    • Setting the team up for maximum productivity, effectiveness and output by helping to align team strengths with team goals
    • Building the foundation for a thriving team culture
    • Giving leaders a personalized road map to maximizing the talent in their team
    • Giving leaders a leg up in hiring new talent: Imagine knowing exactly what skills & talents you need to fill any open positions - talk about making smart hiring decisions
  • I also:
    • Give leadership a refreshed perspective on their team (through an objective eye) and help uncover talent that might otherwise go unutilized
    • Give teams a lasting way to connect to one another.  My work recognizes and celebrates the talents of each individual on the team; and highlights the power of the collective. The result is a leveling of the playing-field so everyone feels valued and competition remains healthy.

NOTE: I don't call what I do "team building" because the leader is not in the room for the majority of our work together. I separate the leader and the team because I believe it does 2 things: 1) it allows the team the freedom to be more open and 2) every team leader has a notion of their team's capabilities - I believe there is significant value in a fresh, objective and external perspective.

Here's what this looks like in action:

  • The team will go through the following discovery:
    • What are your talents and strengths individually and as a team; there is power in sharing and building this list for each member.
    • What brings you joy (happy employees = productive employees)
    • How do these concepts align to the achievement of your team goals
  • The leader will get a separate 2-hour executive coaching 1:1 session with me after the peer work.  In this session we will explore the following:
    • What are your team member's talents and how do they balance? Do you have any gaps?
    • How are the current team talents aligned with team goals?
    • Finding the best path to motivate and inspire the individuals and collective of your team.

More questions? I have some FAQs you can review or I'm just as happy to answer your questions directly.  Please use the form below - I'll get back to you in 48 hours or less.  You can also email me directly at or call me at 401.526-4211

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