This month's featured course is:

Because loving yourself shouldn't be hard work.

A lighthearted and fun course with 11 lessons designed to give you strategies and techniques for self love, gratitude and appreciation. At the end you'll not only feel more secure in how others see you and your unique and special qualities; you'll know and have practiced ways to give and show more love to yourself and others.


A path to creating a sense of love and appreciation daily to:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Minimize negative self-talk
  • Learn the art of appreciation in the simplest things
  • Ward off fear of rejection or inadequacy
  • Get secure in your uniqueness and what makes you special
  • Figure out how you best show love to others and how you feel love
  • Quick "hacks" to increase your self esteem get you back to your power when you need it most.

what you get:

  • Simply delivered via e-mail, one lesson a day if you open it; one every 3 days if you fall behind giving you space and flexibility to go at your own pace.
  • Each lesson includes an action and a self-discovery question designed to get you thinking and practicing self-love.
  • The lessons will produce a fabulous record of amazing things all about you that you can reference whenever you need a boost in the future.
  • 2 custom meditations that are yours to keep.
  • A host of tips and strategies that you can easily integrate into your life.
  • Office hours with me: I'll open a line for an hour (or more) once a week; jump on, ask a question, get personal coaching or just listen.
  • Access to discounted 1:1 coaching while you're enrolled in a course.

As with everything I create; there's a story behind it. If you want to read the story, you can find it here.

Already enrolled? Click here for course resources. The password to the resource page is in the Lesson 1 email.