I want everyone to be ready and 100% confident I'm the right person to help them.  Below you'll find helpful information as you work toward a decision of whether or not my services match your needs. 


Q. How do I know whether a 1 Day or 2 Day is best for me? I'm happy to talk with you about what you are looking for and make a recommendation. If you are drawn to one or the other above, follow your gut.  When you fill out the intake form, if I think it's the wrong choice, we'll talk before we schedule your session.

Q. Do Power Up sessions have to happen in person? Nope! I'm happy to help you Power Up over a Skype or FaceTime session. I prefer being able to see someone I'm working with - that's part of the magic in the formula so I don't recommend a strict phone-only session. There are too many distractions otherwise and focus is incredibly important during these sessions.

Q. Does my 2 Day have to be back-to-back days? While it's certainly ideal that they are not too far apart, it can still be successful if they are spaced by no more than a week. 

Q. Do you do Power Up sessions on weekends? If it's a 2-Day I recommend a Friday/Saturday schedule but I do my best to accommodate my client's needs.

Q. In the 2-Day, you reference 2 books/assessments - do I need to buy those? The books are included in the price of the session and I secure them for you.  If the session is virtual, I will get you the code for the assessment and mail the book separately (the assessment produces a PDF we'll use for the session) and send the other book electronically so you can follow along during the session. 

Q. Do I have to do anything in advance of my Power Up session? Yes. Regardless of choosing the 1 or 2 Day session, you'll have an intake form to fill in. Then depending on what your answers are and what type you choose, you'll have some pre-work to do that I'll assign within a week of your selected date.

Q. Is there a guarantee or any restrictions? Because I want you to be comfortable making the investment in yourself and our time together; I want to be sure you know about an understand the details of my policies.  Please click here to read about my guarantee and cancellation/change policy. When you schedule your VIP Day(s) I set aside my time and begin preparations and the investment in your materials immediately. I am making a complete commitment to you and want to ensure you are also fully committed.