Paths to a Quiet Mind

Paths to a Quiet Mind

I got a text message from my dear friend Shelby this weekend that said “Trust your stillness and let the tornado around you fly”.

It was in response to a note I sent discussing my almost unnerving sense of calm lately over everything in my life; as if I’m watching it all play out at a distance.

It’s unusual because my situation, from an external perspective, is anything but calm.

In addition to running my business I have two young daughters with birthday parties and swim lessons etc. and a dog who’s a bit high-maintenance. I’m the art docent for my daughter’s Kindergarten class, I have a part-time summer job that gives me a schedule once a week for the following week, making planning ahead almost impossible.

I also have a contract position to help make ends meet that doesn’t include a set hourly schedule. I have a rental property that’s on the market and new courses I’m trying to build into my online self-development learning catalog.

Oh, and the usual life stuff like grocery shopping, dinners to prepare, laundry to clean and a house and yard to keep up.

When my brain gets too involved in the details, my calm evaporates and I’m overwhelmed with insecurity and unease about almost every angle of my life, but when I tap in, go deep and recenter myself, I am once again in this place of loving, quiet, trust.

I never used to be like this. Ever.

For those of you who have been in my physical presence, you know that I’m a bundle of energy. I don’t drink caffeine but still move, walk and talk at a very quick pace. I talk so quickly sometimes, people feel compelled to remind me to breathe. This is especially true when I’m passionate about something.

When I moved to WA I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was 23 years old.

After undergoing all kinds of kidney testing it was determined that physically, I was fine. I quit smoking, stopped drinking caffeine, switched to a low sodium diet and became a kick-boxing instructor; it didn’t work.  

This kicked off the regimen of blood pressure medications and diuretics. I was convinced something else was wrong so I switched doctors and started again.

I was young, healthy and caffeine free.

Surely that was enough to get the blood pressure back down. It wasn’t.

I managed to get off the medication for a little while but as soon as I was pregnant with my first daughter and it started to rise, I went back on and stayed on it until about a year ago.

I spent 15 years on medication. In between that time, I overhauled my diet and my life, all of which, I’m sure, were contributors.

I give the credit however, to learning to meditate.

This was a long and arduous process for me because if this wasn’t obvious from the story so far; I don’t sit still very well.

I tried multiple techniques and multiple teachers. I did research. I studied and I practiced.

It’s been quite the journey and like most journey’s I’ve been on; I wanted a way to share what I learned in a way that I can positively influence and help others.  It’s why I’ve compiled 11 of my most useful and fun techniques into my newest course, Paths to a Quiet Mind.  

I wholeheartedly believe that these techniques are what have allowed me to stay centered and calm, to live in quiet trust even if chaos ensues outside of myself. It also gave me the power to get my body to a place where drugs to control my blood pressure are simply no longer necessary.

If you find life to be too busy, if you need to amp up your self-care routine, sleep better or even if you’re just looking for a new ways to find your inner calm, this course is for you.

Designed to go at your own pace and give you plenty of time to practice, this course was created because I believe if quiet is what you seek, then quiet you shall find.

Click here to enroll and give yourself the beautiful gift of calm.

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