It’s been a long lonely few weeks for me personally and it’s spurred what’s coming next. Firstly, and before you read farther this is not intended to be a cry for help or pity. I crave none.

When I started my blog over a year ago it was to share what was happening in my life in the hopes that sharing my daily struggles and stories personally would affect someone, at some point.

That someone could learn something or harness some nugget of wisdom that was important in the moment they found my words.

That one might find hope, compassion, a reason to think or live differently in a small moment of their life.

Typing that out feels vulnerable; like I’m being arrogant. I’m not. I write to serve.

In this moment, I write to inspire your gratitude for all you have around you.

There’s nothing like having an almost empty bank account and a very empty, dark and lonely house to remind you of what you no longer have.

I write now, in this moment to remind you of what you do have.

If you have your children every morning and every night, to kiss and love on; be grateful.

If you have a partner to hold you at night, wipe your tears away, hold your hand when you are afraid or help you with the laundry; be grateful.

If you have, like I do, a beloved pet to keep you company; be grateful.

If you can see the beauty of the stars in the sky; be grateful.
If you can feel the wind on your face; be grateful.

If you can open your fridge or pantry and find nourishment; be grateful.

If you can count yourself warm when it’s cold outside or cool when it’s warm outside; be grateful.

If you can hear the sound of children laughing, water rushing, the birds singing their songs; be grateful.

If you can read these words, you are gifted with sight and literacy; be grateful.

If you can express yourself; be grateful.

If you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin; be grateful.

If you can feel; be grateful.

Your life is rich.

My life is abundant, rich, glorious and beautiful, even if I have no partner and I don’t see my children every day, I am grateful.

Grateful for the technology that allows me to see them and talk to them from however far away they may be. Grateful for the means of transportation to get myself to them should I need to. Grateful for the relationship I have with their father that allows for a peaceful coexistence.

Grateful for their laughter and their tears and to be witness to their growth and development as human beings.

Humbled, honored, in awe and grateful to be breathing. 

Gratitude is a powerful thing.



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