It feels very vulnerable to tell you this story but it’s also significant and worth telling.

I mentioned I visited my sister in the blog last week. I also mentioned we had an intense conversation. During our time together, the conversation about money came up. I’ve essentially been on a self-funded mission for a year; designed around building a new company, building a brand and getting it out there.

I’m super proud of what I’ve done, accomplished and built and what I’m still building.

That's the key: still building.  

There’s a lot to these pieces that are still in process, still being built.  Of course about the time I’ve figured out my formula and exactly what I want to bring to life (there were a few iterations long the way) the financial runway I’ve built for myself is running out.

So when you are where I’m at; with a solid, soulful idea and a lack of funds,  you have choices to make.

As my sister and I chatted, the following were the three choices we hovered around:

  • I could go back to doing what I was doing before; high-level, high-stress position at a successful global company,
  • Take a different kind of role in a different company, a hybrid of sorts or
  • Do something just for fun, just because.

On Monday morning, on the plane ride home, I made a note “What would it take to find a supplemental source of income that feeds my soul, my need for social time, teamwork and collaboration but gives me the flexibility to have the hours I need to make my life work in pure harmony?”

Tuesday morning, I woke up as if from a dream and in that dream I was on a beverage cart on golf course. 

Every ounce of my body said "Yes Yes Yes." 

Next question; how can I make this real?

Tuesday afternoon, I had a resume into someone who could help. Wednesday morning I had an invitation to a job fair on Friday and Friday afternoon I walked out of the golf course with a part-time 2 day a week beverage cart job.

I was over-the-moon excited.

The gratitude I felt was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

I've been working for the last few years on shifting my life to vibrate at the level of gratitude.  I've done a pretty stellar job but these moments on Friday were special. Blazing levels; levels that I aspire to on a daily basis.  Levels I know I can eventually sustain.

Muscles like that take work to build up.

Just like everything else, staying in gratitude takes practice, effort and exercise. It takes being able to shift your perspective in the moment from "ouch" to "what can be learned?"

Today my ability to switch from discomfort to gratitude is certainly faster, as is my ability to manifest from dream to reality. Pretty damn stoked, the last one took 9 months; this one took 4 days.

The point is, like anything you do in life, it takes time effort and energy to work at a new skill, to apply those skills even in the midst of doubt.

It takes faith to open yourself up to the possibility that how you’ve always done things may not be the same way you need to do them again.

If someone had told me that I’d quit my job and a year later be working a beverage cart on a golf course I would have laughed them off the face of the planet.

Today, it seems like the best solution to the situation I’m in. There’s so many reasons to be there; I’m not even going to list them all because then it feels like I’m justifying something that doesn’t need to be justified.

Suffice to say I’m basking in the idea that I get to play all summer, like I did when I was a kid. Where it goes and what happens, I have no idea.  I just know it’s going to be amazing and fun and I’m going to be grateful for each day. 

You can’t get much better than that.



Inspiration In Unlikely Places

Inspiration In Unlikely Places