The Power of Change

A friend of mine is on the street team for Chris Guillebeau author of the newly released “Born for This”. The focus of the book is to find the work you were made to do. As you know, I have a dream and passion for this.

On the website, you can take a quiz that points you in the direction of the work you were born for.  The work that came up for me, warned against an entrepreneurial life since I thrive naturally in groups and feedback from others. 

This is the second time I’ve heard this from an external quiz-like source intended to provide me with feedback.  The first time I heard it, I got very angry.  This one didn’t phase me so much because I do have a team; an amazing list of friends and family that act as my creative support team.

I’m deeply grateful for all they do for me. 

I’m equally grateful for you; you’re the one I want to inspire.

You are the one I want to provide a “soul break” for with these little love notes.

Today is a bit different. This quiz sparked not only gratitude but something else for me; something I want to stop doing. I usually tell an inspirational story but today, I’m hyper aware of some patterns in my life that I want to make different. I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that it inspires you to make a list of things that you want to make different for yourself.

I’ll need all of the love, help and support I can get on this journey.  Thanks for being a safe and loving space for me.

The 6 things I want to make different:

  • My desire to think of everyone else but myself first. I get all heady about it. I can’t just relax and have fun because I’m so damn worried about what everyone else is going to think about what I’m doing.  A dear friend reminded me this weekend that if someone has an issue with me or what I’m doing that it’s their problem, not mine.  
  • My negative self-talk. I was watching and amazing set of videos from Jim Kwik about creating a super memory. Just thinking about the videos makes me feel smarter; I truly recommend checking him out. In the third of a 3-part series he shares the 10 keys to unlocking your brain’s power and key number 2 is killing ANTs. It’s from Dr. Daniel Amen and ANT stands for Automatic Negative Thoughts. Things like: I can’t, I’m not good enough, smart enough, fast enough, qualified enough, etc.  
  • My desire to want to heal everyone. This one is a natural given my divine gifts but some people don’t want my help or my healing. There’s no point in wasting energy until someone says yes.
  • Believing that confidence is going to come from an external source of validation. It never will.
  • I want to look for the lesson in every head-slapping DUH moment instead of wallowing in the feelings of “yuck” that usually accompany the head slap.
  • Feeling like something is “wrong” with me or my opinion if it differs from someone I love and admire. Or, as this quiz triggered, not feeling like an online quiz can somehow determine my success or failure because it's not in alignment with my path. Everyone’s everything is personal.

My wish for you is that you have the capacity to know your list of things you want to make different and to love yourself through the growth process while changing them.

You have the power to make your life different; it’s born inside of you. You just need to have the courage to use it.

I believe in you.