Happy Birthday Blog!

Today is a momentous day! A day of celebration for me! This is my 52nd blog post; which means- Happy Birthday to my blog!

As I flipped back through the 51 posts before this one, I got a wonderful sense of appreciation for how they changed through time. I started writing some of my earlier posts around feelings.  Each week I would invite you, my readers, to try on a new feeling or to take an action that got you feeling something different.

Then I tried a few with video. One was about a plant that I had picked up on a trail walking my dog.  I almost killed it waiting to find the perfect pot for it (which turned out to be in my back yard the whole time) and replanted it. I thought my treasure had died one night and as I went to throw it away I saw some green budding. That plant became a symbol of my business and it’s starting to grow again. This makes me as giddy as a kid on Easter morning.

As I perused the library; which I invite you to do from time to time, I started to think about all of the things that you might not know about my blog and decided; in honor of the blog's birthday; I'd let you in on a "behind the curtain" view.

Here’s 10 quirks about my blog that might surprise you:

  1. In the beginning I was up until 1 or 2 AM on Sunday getting them ready so I could schedule the blog to start sending at 7:15 AM (My birthdate) in batches of 5 (my sister’s favorite number).
  2. In the beginning, I had dear friends who would edit my posts for me; even in the wee hours of the night. It gave me the confidence to eventually do it on my own.
  3. Unless I’m in the photograph; I’ve taken all of them. I went through a photography program between the birth of my first and second child. It had been a dream of mine to get a certification in photography so I did. I still love taking pictures.
  4. I wrote my blog in the middle of the week once because I was inspired to do so. It made my Sunday/Monday quite easy. It was the one where I made the most mistakes and had the most typos. (Talk about mortified!) Now I wait for inspiration and jot down notes but I don’t compose anything until right before it goes out. I also edit like mad.
  5. When my blog started I was transitioning out of my full-time corporate job.
  6. I changed my brand in July 2015 including the format & style of my posts.
  7. I published 4 articles on LinkedIn that were not part of my blog at all but I was very proud of them; I just couldn’t figure out how to integrate them all. 
  8. My subscriber list has shrunk since I started writing. I originally included my family and friends and then about the time I changed brands, I asked everyone to “opt in” on their own if they wanted to continue to be a part of what I was doing. I got a 20% conversion rate. In other words, I lost 80% of my original list. I celebrated those that fell away with love and blessings. I want to talk to people who resonate with what I have to share; it’s the whole point.
  9. It took me 30 posts before anyone actually left a comment.
  10. It took me almost the whole year to find my own voice and feel like I actually KNEW what I was doing.

When I think back about the journey I’ve been on over these 52 weeks it’s a pretty wild stretch. When I started writing, I was enrolled in B-School and trying to figure out how to make my business “real”. Wow that was scary.

A year later I’m in Module 3 of my second round of B School which is about my Communication Plan. My business is about as real as it gets and I can’t wait to see what will come out of it this year!  Whatever it is; I’m hope you are here to read about it.

Invite your friends too; it’s bound to be an authentic and entertaining ride!