Who's Delivering Your Dream?

Who's Delivering Your Dream?

I’ve written many of times about my family and how much color my life takes on when I’m with them; stories told and retold of life and how we all ended up where we are at.

Just this past weekend I was in NH, visiting my Mom & Dad.

It was the Sunday morning before the Patriots took on Denver so it was a lazy morning. One of my best friends from high school and her husband where over for brunch and my Dad was retelling the story of his career.

There was a particular situation my Dad experienced where he was penalized by his boss for a flight delay that he couldn’t control. Our family was visiting Hawaii (it was one of my first trips as a child) and the airline went on strike. He couldn’t get back to NH until 24 hours after he was originally scheduled to land.

When he arrived back, his boss had him transferred to a store (my Dad is a butcher) almost an hour North as a “penalty”. My Dad went through the chain of command, who had nothing to say about this “unjust” reassignment so a few weeks later he put in his notice after getting a new job. He had been with the company for 8 years.

That new job lead to another one and that led to my Dad working for Costco and meeting one of the best friends of his adult life. I now refer to this man as my Uncle Jerry. At the time, he was my Dad’s boss.

My Dad had always had a dream of going home to Hawaii.

He joined the service when he was 18 and hadn’t been back since. Two wives and five kids later he was still in NH. I always told people that I knew it was my Dad’s dream before I knew how to talk.

Anyone who knew my Dad knew he was just waiting for an opportunity to move back.

Jerry knew too.

Jerry was also high enough in the organization to learn that Costco was planning on opening a store in Maui, HI.  Before they even broke ground, my Dad had an application in.

He didn’t put it in himself; Jerry did it for him.

Jerry also talked to all the powers that were to ensure that his application was accepted and my Dad was transferred. This all happened 20 years ago.

As I sat listening I couldn't help but realize I was hearing another example of magic in action. There's some totally undeniable parts in this story and few I feel compelled to point out.

  • Dreams do come true - sometimes in the unlikeliest of ways.
  • When people do “mean” or “bad” things to you, and it spurs you into action to change your scenery or your perspective, with hindsight it's likely part of the path to your dreams becoming a reality.
  • When you share your dreams, sometimes there’s a critical external factor that helps make them real.
  • Everyone that loves you is a champion for your dreams.

It's easy to be afraid to share your dreams.  It's easy to keep them hidden and quiet and hold them silently in your heart.  It's also easy to imagine that there's only one way your dream will come true.  But when your dreams are kept hidden or you are so attached to your only perceived avenue of hope, you can miss the magic or the people around you conspiring to help you get where you want to go.

My Dad didn't believe he was really going home until he got the final call; with only 2 months to pack up 22 years of living. Jerry had been telling him to pack up the house the entire time.

Everyone plays a part in helping your dreams to come true even if at first glance, you would never seen it coming.

Keep your eyes open for the magic that happens when you are brave enough to share your dreams with others.



Got Competing Priorities?

Got Competing Priorities?