I spent this past week testing out two new products and received some incredibly valuable and amazing feedback. Feedback is such a powerful source of learning for me. I love learning: it's one of my strengths. I love it so much, I've invested over $4,500 in training programs from March through August, all with an eye towards making me more competent and confident in reaching my dreams. 

Until I left my corporate career, I never felt the freedom to take any path I wanted in learning. With time on my side, I haven't wasted a second: from running an online business to courses on how to create videos and from classes on energy vibrations and manifesting to a school for the soul; some of my investments will carry me over until May 2017.

There are days (and weeks) however, when it doesn't matter how much you know, how much you're learning or how much you've invested; things don't always go as planned.  

This week I found my self asking what happens when you've poured yourself into something that isn't turning out the way you imagined and here's what poured out of me:

then I went outside and I talked to the stars...