On a walk with my dog, I found a discarded plant and took it home to care for it.  (You can watch the video here).

Having no idea what type of plant it was and in need of potting soil, I neglected it for 3 days. After making a trip for soil and looking diligently at a few stores for “the perfect pot”, I came home only to find the perfect pot in my own backyard, already filled with soil. I finally planted my find and put it on my front covered porch. Then, when it wasn’t looking so good I moved it into the back yard - full access to mother nature; no protection.  

A few days ago I recorded this video about the cycle of life and the importance of letting go of dreams that you've outgrown.  In it, you’ll see my once vibrant green plant, all browned over. 

In the video, you’ll note I reference my plant as dead.

I spent the weekend cleaning up the yard, purging weeds and mowing the lawn.  As I reached down to throw away my plant a hint of green stopped me.  Sure enough, one of the branches is producing new leaves.

I’m not sure what my connection is to this plant: I found it and it was like finding a treasure.

I felt satisfied and special when I rescued it. Then guilty when I ignored it, while I was too busy searching for the “perfect place to plant it” which I could rationalize as “care” but it really wasn’t.

All along, all I had to do was look right in my own backyard. In moments of lacking faith about the "right" way to care for my plant, I was inconsistent with water and sunlight. Then I moved it into the full elements of mother nature and left it up to the universe to do its thing.  As you can see in the video, I thought the lesson was about recycling dreams - about the cycle of life in all things.

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the beautiful delicate green buds beginning to shoot through.

As I reread the above paragraph I realized I have answered my own question about my connection to the plant.  Even in the video I talked about dreams - but this reflection really brings it home. Think about a dream you have - something that you are afraid of. Do you keep it close to your chest? Think about something deep and meaningful to you but also scary to hope for (in fear that you might get it wrong or not be good enough). That plant - my life's dream; they are one in the same.  

I found it and it was like finding a treasure.
I felt guilty for ignoring it as I confused true care with cosmetics.
I was careless and inconsistent with life-giving attention because I lacked confidence.
I gave it up to Mother Nature and the elements and it’s come back to life.

Here's the thing about your hopes and dreams; if they are truly meant to come to life, they don’t really ever die. They find a way to live no matter what obstacles we put in their way.

Action: What dreams have you been neglecting out of a lack of confidence, being preoccupied with cosmetics or keeping secret because you are afraid of failure (or afraid of success)?  Bring these seeds into the full elements of this world and give them over to the stars and the sun; they know just want to do to make them bloom.

Benefit: You’ll gain the confidence, education and faith you’ve been looking for.

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