The Pain of Recognition

It’s Friday, the end of the month, and I’m having my first “financial date" with myself.  It’s a recommendation from Kate Northrup’s Money: A Love Story and I’m implementing it.  As a single parent of two who just gave up her corporate paycheck, you’d think I’d have been doing this all along, but I wasn’t. I knew my financial story in approximations only. I knew my monthly output (roughly) and knew how much I had saved up; the rest was just a simple mathematical equation.

I’ve been stressed and worried about my finances for a bit, as you can read in Abundance from early July. I’ve been avoiding this “sit down” with myself for a while.

There is so much energy that gets wrapped up in the fear of the unknown.

My entire financial life until this point was rooted in ignorance. Most of it frankly still is.  But Friday was a breakthrough. Do you know what I discovered? I discovered what I feared the most; I have a shorter timeline that I originally planned to make my business truly work for my life and my family.  

Seeing the reality of how far off I was in my approximations was alarming yet equally calming.  

There is so much power in information.

I put myself in the spotlight and I figured out what I have and what I don’t and I set some targets and goals.  

The pain of this recognition could've spun me for days; it could have killed my weekend and my time with my kids. I could've cried, but I didn’t.

What I find humorous is that as much as I was dreading the information - once it came, I was amazed at how much clarity I had; I knew exactly what to do next.

Once I had the information, the fear went away and in it’s place was a plan of action.

A plan that makes me feel powerfully in control of my future.

Take Action: Spend a moment thinking about your biggest fear right now. Then answer the following questions:

  • What are you most afraid of?

  • What’s the worst thing that happens if you find out the truth?

  • What’s the cost of not knowing? (This is the most important question!)

The benefit?  There is so much clarity and confidence in making a decision from a place of power instead of a place of fear. If you can work up the courage to take a look at what you’re facing in the eye - you’ll have the best tool available to change it: recognition.

This week, Feel: Power.