When a number can scare you...

It was November 1998, I had just moved to WA and I needed to visit the doctor. I remember the nurse coming in, taking my blood pressure making a face, telling me to lie down and relax, then she turned the lights off and walked out the door.

My mind started to race; what's wrong with me?

After what felt like an hour, she came back in, took my blood pressure again and started to ask questions about my life. Then I was given a number.

My blood pressure was 200/100. I was 22.

I remember this awful sense of feeling broken. I felt like something was wrong with me, I didn’t understand what was happening and it felt completely out of my control.

Then I got serious about my physical health.  

I quit smoking, changed my diet, switched to decaf coffee and started teaching three cardio kick-boxing classes a week.  My blood pressure remained a steady 140/90.

During my first pregnancy, my blood pressure spiked. I went on medication and was on it for almost 9 years.

Four years ago I overhauled my diet, 18 months ago my life and two months ago I overhauled my career; I created time for living, breathing, cooking, creating and doing what I love.  I also started studying meditation and energy medicine.

Six months ago, my doctor took me off my medication.

This morning I took my blood pressure; it was 104/60.

I can’t tell you why I’m suddenly “cured”.  My experiment wasn’t scientific enough to know the exact cause.  My doctor said it was a combination of everything.

I believe life’s troubles cause our dis-ease.

I believe that if we don’t process the negative things that happen to us that the negative energy stays in our body and affects its ability to stay healthy. I believe if we stay in spaces that cause unease and discomfort for extended periods of time, our bodies bear the impact.

I’ve heard countless stories of people with physical ailments whose aches and pains disappear when they address the sources of mental and emotional distress.

I’m grateful I found my way back to good health. I am blessed to be medication and ailment free. My road was almost 17 years long and true progress wasn’t made until I prioritized my mental and emotional health.

I truly began to heal when I looked beyond my physical health and tuned-in to my whole being.

Take Action: Where is the dis-ease in your life coming from?  What one thing can you do to take a small step away from the source of your discomfort?  Write it down and put the action on your calendar so it's scheduled.

The benefit?  As you continue to identify the sources of your discomfort and focus on taking small steps away from them, the healing you will experience has ripple effects across every aspect of your being and your life.

This week, Feel: Healing.