I’m the kind of girl that picks up a penny.

Even if it's tails-side up. I figure if the universe is giving money away, I’ll send a signal that I want more. If I walk by the penny, it’s a message that says “No thanks, I don’t need that.”  

I’m not taking any chances.

I'm working on building my own company.  That means, what’s in the bank is what I have until the investments in marketing, training and building my client list start to pay off.

I’ve already overspent in my first month.  Some of it was invested in unplanned training as I learn more about my clients’ needs and my skills, but some of it was just typical transition stuff.

Letting go of old habits and patterns is hard work.

When you go from making 6 figures a year to making nothing - it’s takes a bit to curb the spending.

My biggest spending challenge however, is right around the corner: It’s my birthday.

I don’t deny myself of much on my birthday.  Last year I went all out; a few new outfits, a fancy hotel room, a swank 9 course meal and a whole weekend of wine tasting. Talk about indulging!

This year will be very different because the funds are earmarked for other things.  In anticipation of this potential let down, I made a list of things that feel abundant to me.

It turns out, my definition of abundance has very little to do with money; 80% of my list is about time.

Time to play, cook, meditate, grow, learn and create.  Time with my daughters.  Time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Time to truly connect with people I love. Time to help people make their lives better. Balance. Ease. Flow.

As one of my dear friends and mentors said to me, “You can always make more money, but you can never make more time.” Larry gave his grandfather credit for this quote. Where ever it came from, I am blessed to be surrounded by such wisdom.

So in the moment of sadness I experienced when I walked away from a new pair of shoes this weekend, I remember that I’m exchanging what’s on my feet for what’s in my future. There will always be more shoes, more dresses and more parties, but this precious time I have is a gift. A gift I gave myself to create my something new; this gift I want to give the world; my new company.

I’ll keep collecting pennies as I see them.  I’ll keep pursuing my dreams and aspirations.  I’ll keep working to create the money I need to keep my household running.  

However, as I make notes for my next rotation around the sun, my intentions are set on being deeply grateful for my time-filled, abundant life.

Take Action:  Spend some time thinking about your personal definition of abundance.  What plans and goals do you have for yourself? What will it take to get there: is it time or is it money? If it’s both, create a goal for one, so at some point, you can make space for the other.

The benefit?  When you know your definition of abundance, it allows you to think more clearly about your choices. You get the knowledge you need to wisely invest your money, time, effort, energy, and love on what matters most to you.

This week, Feel: Abundance.