Her confidence blew me away.

Have you ever had a moment where you had the honor of witnessing someone in a vulnerable state who harnessed their vulnerability, faced their fears and found exhilaration?  If you are a parent, you’ve likely had a few with your children.  

As adults, these moments are extremely rare for two reasons.  The first is because vulnerability is hard and usually followed immediately by shame, which just ruins the whole thing. The second reason is that as observers, we are so uncomfortable with the vulnerability of others, the last words we think of are honor and privilege.

You'll know if you've been in the power of such a moment.

In my line of work, and with my gifts, I get the privilege of honoring more of these moments than most.  One of them came a few weekends ago.

Imagine you’ve spent your life chasing a secret wish but thinking you had to be different somehow (smarter, wealthier, thinner, better looking, etc.) to accomplish it.

Then what if, one day, you said “Fuck it?” and did that thing anyway - just as you are today in all of your imperfectness?

(You should really take note of how you feel in this imaginary moment….)

I can tell you what happens.  

I was there. I was a witness.  


Adrenaline pumping; I could climb a mountain and run a marathon in the same moment kind of high. The kind of high that makes people feel like they can fly.  

The kind of moment that unshackles your fears and blows a hole in the wall you built around yourself.  

And it was the same way for me, to witness, capture, honor and celebrate.

Here’s the secret: we lift one another up when we find and celebrate a moment of victory over vulnerability.

We find bravery in ourselves we didn’t think we had.

We find inspiration and then, we share it.

Take Action: Keep your eyes open for a moment to support someone in their vulnerability, encourage them to get to the other side and watch what happens.

The benefit?  You feel elation.  You get inspired.  You never know what can happen next...

This week, Feel: Elation.