Have you ever felt trapped?

I was talking to a dear friend yesterday who said “I know what is best for me will happen but it’s difficult to see when I feel so trapped.”

I talked to another friend this week who said “…everyday is a bit of a struggle with my “stuckness”…”

Here’s the thing about being stuck: it’s kind of like a spider's web, the more you struggle in your situation the harder you stick.

A lot of my friends and clients are feeling trapped by their current situation. These are smart, beautiful, resourceful, talented people. These people are working HARD to get unstuck - it’s not like they’ve accepted their place and are complaining; they are planting seeds of change everywhere but nothing is blooming.

Can you relate?

When you feel trapped, try the following:

1. Talk to someone who can “un-stick” you.  Find a person who can offer a new perspective or help you see your situation differently. How many nature videos have you watched where the prey escaped the web only when they could get leverage against the spider? Find something or someone you can leverage.

2. Ensure you’ve looked at all of your options. Don’t dismiss a solution unless you’ve explored it.  I found my perfect house in the town I had automatically dismissed that fit my search parameters but I was too impatient to visit.  

3. Make a plan. Know what your ideal is and approximate it with every choice you make - even if it’s not EXACTLY what you are after, the progress will make you feel better. I ran my first workshop while "on vacation" from my corporate job.

4. Set a date to take action.  Anyone can withstand anything for a limited time IF you know the end date.  Set a date and write the action on your calendar. Even if it's 12 months out - write the date and the action down. I set a date for quitting my career. I had a countdown. It was a beacon of light on dark days.

5. Between now and your “date of action” find a distraction. Make it something you look forward to, plan a vacation, read a new book, make a list of what you’ll need when you get to where you want to be. Invest in education that will help make your next step even more successful - I attended B-School.  Sometimes getting your head out of the stuck place and into the next can help you feel better even if the situation hasn’t changed yet.

Take Action:  When you find yourself struggling and feeling like your typical action isn't getting you anywhere - try one of these five tips.  

The benefit?  Something magnificent happens when you concentrate on the bubble outside of your "stuckness" and you take an action that's toward where you want to be. It gets you to closer to what you want and makes the waiting go by faster.

This week, feel: release.