When was the last time you trusted your path?

I drove to a trail head in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest (where I live) this weekend.  I was following my co-pilot's directions as she read from the guidebook.  Along the way, the road became rough, unpaved and under construction and we began to get nervous we were going the wrong direction. Even with the change in road conditions and the growing uncertainty, it was a beautiful drive, so we decided to just enjoy the ride whether we found our destination or not.

We put our faith in the journey and we found our way.

During the hike, I was hit with a realization that both in the car and on the trail, my path was predetermined.

I did not need to figure out how to get there.

I picked a trail and drove to the starting line.

The rest was governed by nature.

I realized that the choice to follow a path, not knowing 100% what to expect but embracing the journey to the destination is a powerful metaphor for life.

The path of life however, doesn't come with directions and is not always well marked.  

I'm proposing an alternative.  For a moment, imagine that your unique individual path in life IS already determined.  There are some religions in the world that absolutely believe this to be true. Instead of fighting against an invisible force, what would happen if we allowed ourselves to be guided to our destination (destiny) by a path that is determined by nature?

How would our journey be different if we left the HOW up to powers that be?

Take Action:  When you find a moment in your day this week, where you feel like you are fighting, struggling or having to work extra hard, just stop.  Imagine that this decision, task, issue has a different plan than your own and allow that plan to unfold.  Give the topic to the universe, God, whatever greater power serves you and ask them to give it back when it's your turn. Notice how this makes you feel.  Notice the outcome.

The benefit?  There's a beautiful sense of lightness that comes when you rely on powers outside of your influence to help you get through a tough moment or to take the stress out of a difficult decision.  There is beauty and ease in extending trust into the universe; that the path in front of you is your right one.

This week, feel: guided.



Your Calling

Your Calling