What do you think of when I say elemental?

Do you think of grade school?  Do you think of the cells you learned about in biology?  Or maybe you have flashbacks of the table of elements from chemistry class?  I think of basics.

Nature and our human connection to everything around us.

Earth, wind, fire and water. 

Body and soul. 

I used all of these elements to accomplish a list of tasks I was proud of this weekend. As a divorced mom of two young girls and a homeowner, I am solely responsible for the upkeep and maintenance around our home.  After a 3-day weekend filled with cleaning, 5 hours of yard work, planting the vegetable garden, summer clothes shopping, making dinner for neighbors who just had a baby, and entertaining my two young girls, I am EXHAUSTED. 

As I reflect on this weekend, I am in awe of the elements that enabled me to DO all of these things.  I used fire to cook the dinner, earth to plant the vegetable garden, water to hydrate both myself and the newly mowed and fertilized lawn and wind to cool down after all of that yard work.  I used my body to physically get the work done and my soul to motivate me to complete the project.

How often do you go about your day-to-day life without stopping to appreciate the things that enable you to do what you do? 

Take Action: This week, get back to basics.  Pick an element; earth, wind, fire or water and connect with it.  Light a candle, make some tea, take your shoes off and stand in the grass, sit by a fountain or a fireplace, appreciate the breeze on your skin.  When you do, remember the universal connection you have to the elements that surround your daily life.

The benefit?  By getting back to basics, you will be reminded of the forces of nature that surround you and more importantly, be reminded that YOU are a force of nature.

This week, feel: Elemental.