Your Calling

If you ask my friends what I did recently, they would tell you I quit my job, but I did more than that - I quit my career.  I had worked myself into a very successful position at a global company and I was damn good at my job; some might even say I was great. My colleagues would tell you I am a natural businesswoman - that's how they would describe me to others. I am, but I had to change playing fields.

I just finished reading Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield.  My favorite line in the book (page 9) reads "To feel ambition and to act upon it is to embrace the unique calling of our souls."  In this most recent career change, I have embraced my unique calling. My coaching of a young woman earlier this week reaffirmed this on many levels. The book also references a "shadow" career.

That career, the one I left behind, that was my "shadow" career.

It was making me feel accomplished, until it wasn't.  Then I started to look for something new and NOTHING peaked my interest.

That's when I knew it was time.

The golden thread in all of my jobs was that I was working with entrepreneurs.  When I met the father of my girls, he was an entrepreneur.  My whole corporate career, I've surrounded myself by people who started and ran their own businesses.  In hindsight, it was a clue to my heart's desire.

How does your current path represent what you crave? Is it hitting the mark or is it a shadow of what you want?

Take Action: This week, turn down the analyzer in your brain, turn up your heart and soul and start by asking yourself these two questions:  What do I crave?  What do I daydream about?  

Now here's the trick: Close your eyes. Imagine yourself doing or having what you crave.  Imagine achieving the dream. Take note of how it feels.

The benefit? When you dig deep and you can clearly imagine where you truly want to be, and how it feels to be there, it's like planting a seed.  With enough care, light and water, it will grow.

This week, feel: Your Calling.