This past weekend, I gave myself a gift.

I sat in the yard Sunday afternoon with my daughters.  As we sat together enjoying the warm, sunny day, we each sketched ideas for our new backyard and then they put on a comedy/ballet show for me.

I am in awe of the charisma, character and creativity of my two girls.  Instead of worrying about what was going to happen next, I let the afternoon take us on a journey, led by their imagination: with a stage (the hill in our yard), microphones (a fist to the mouth) and confetti (a.k.a. yard mulch).

Finding time to allow an afternoon of pure indulgence like the one I enjoyed on Sunday was challenging and uncomfortable because I've been very busy redefining my life. In the last 18 months, I got divorced, moved twice, bought a house, quit my corporate career and took a big step into the world of a solopreneur.

However, on that gorgeous sunny day, when I was completely relaxed and embracing the "now", I was reminded that magic can happen when you give yourself permission to fully live in the moment.

There's magic when:

You stop worrying about the future.

You let go of the past.

You allow the present moment to swallow you entirely.

I gave myself the gift of time and my Core Desired Feelings* of bliss, sacred, creation and radiant took center stage, right next to my beautiful girls.

Take Action: This week when you find a moment where you feel extraordinary - give yourself extra time to indulge.  Give yourself permission to be fully present, center on what you are feeling and let the magic happen.

The benefit?  Pure Bliss.

When you give yourself permission to indulge in the feelings you desire AND the time to really bask in those feelings, it's truly a magical combination.

This week, feel: Present.

Your Calling

Your Calling