I get messages from the universe.  We all do.  You get them too. The universe is sending everyone messages all the time.  We'd hear them, if we'd only pay attention.

About a month ago, I got this message: ASK for what you want.

It's hard for me to ask for what I want. I feel like I'm inconveniencing someone - or my needs should come AFTER everyone else.  After finally hearing the message, I started asking for what I wanted.

I started small. 

I don't like ice in my water.  A simple request maybe, but normally, I just ignore water that has ice, not wanting to create more work for my server, or waste the water I was given.  I started asking for water without ice when at a restaurant.

Then, today, magic happened.

For Mother's Day, I went out to brunch with my girls at a restaurant.  After we were seated I realized something was wrong with the kids' menus and I got up to switch them out.  When I came back, the waitress was delivering a glass of water -without ice.  I sat down and my 8-year-old informs me that my newly-5-year-old asked the waitress to switch out my iced water for some without ice.

Of all of the Mother's Day gifts I got - this one was the greatest. 

I felt special. I felt important. I felt like what matters to me was noticed. I was cared for!

As I write this, I'm in tears just thinking about how special this is.  Not only do I have my girls to look out for me, but by asking consistently for what I want, I have taught my children an important lesson:

By asking for what they want, not only can they too feel special and important but they also have the power to do the same for others.

Take Action: This week, when you come across a moment, where accepting "what is" feels like a compromise, ask for what you want instead.

The benefit?  Not only will you be getting what you want, you will be letting others know what matters to you.  You will be letting them know your needs or simple things they can do to make you feel special and important.  They want to love you this way - sometimes they just need to be shown how.

This week, feel: IMPORTANT