On Sunday, I had the joy of celebrating my youngest daughter's 5th birthday.  Multiple times throughout the day, I marveled at the sheer joy she was experiencing.  From the gratitude on her face for all of her gifts, to the sparkle in her eyes over her cake, to the excitement of picking out her own candles, I couldn't help but notice that every moment - EVERY MOMENT- was one of joy, wonder and delight.

I was reading a book recently and in it, there was a woman who was complaining to her therapist that she was tired of her "ordinary" life - that things had gotten too routine and normal and she was missing the excitement.  Can you relate? I absolutely can. The therapist, and author of the book (Ashley Davis Bush, 75 Habits for a Happy Marriage, loc 1769 of 2501), taught this client a mindfulness technique. The technique is as follows: When you are enjoying a moment, inhale sharply as you think or say "I breath in this moment and notice its beauty" then exhale slowly to let the feeling settle into your body. The author notes that this habit of enjoying the small moments increases your overall happiness.

Take Action: This week, as if with the eyes of a child, notice the small moments of delight and breathe them in using the technique above.

The benefit? You might just realize how truly beautiful, precious and amazing the ordinary moments in your life can be.

This week, feel: Delight.