Have you every had a wrench come up in your perfectly planned day?  You know the drill: if you get up and out by o-dark thirty, you should be able to get everyone to their spot with their important things so you can make the important meeting YOU can't be late for, except your child, pet, spouse, car, alarm clock etc. has a different plan and your perfectly timed agenda falls off the rails.  I've been there, more times then I care to discuss and each one of them hurts.  These moments are stressful, frustration inspiring, good-mood-wrecking and disruptive to your whole day.

Off a recommendation from a beloved mentor, I recently tried something new.  I scheduled space in my calendar.  That's right! I literally called it "block", and with my new space, I discovered something incredible.  Not only was I less likely to be late, and more capable of handling life's inconveniences, I was more focused in my activity when I arrived (vs. worrying about what would go wrong next).

Take Action: Take two minutes and revise this week's schedule to include some space. Even if it's only 10 minutes extra a day - or 10-minute sections a couple times a day, whatever your calendar will allow. Give yourself back that one thing you can never make more of...time.

The benefit?  Space. Space to breathe, eat, listen to your body. Space to get stuff done and feel accomplished. Space to more easily and gracefully handle life's surprises. Space to allow for the pace and flow of life to drop a few mph on the speed scale.

This week - Feel: Ease.