When life gets busy, it's very easy to default into auto-pilot. When that happens, conversations with the people that matter most to you might sound more like schedule planning and grocery shopping lists or veer into the category of complaining - usually about what's not working.  Maybe there are no conversations and you spend your time sitting in silence, watching TV. When we lose that human connection, we feel more isolated and alone.

Connecting to another human being can bring you back to feeling authentic and human.

Take Action: Make sure you take a moment to really connect to someone about something truly important to them.  You'll know who and what; just capitalize on the moment when it presents itself.  Think of the time spent not as favor to help that person; it's time invested in cultivating your relationship. 

The benefit? Connecting on a soul level will remind you what it's like to feel fully alive.  As humans, contact and connection are critical to happiness.

This week - Feel: Connection.