After the Dream

After the Dream

It’s over - my dream of being on stage and speaking to an audience has come true.

I’m exceptionally emotional in many ways.

There are no words to describe what it feels like to be a newbie and afraid to admit it; to sit in the “special room” where the speakers sit and to pretend that it’s normal.

There’s nothing to describe what it’s like to create an idea and present it to people as an opportunity to shift their life’s perspective and to hear in return that it worked -that my words made a difference.

I’m so humbled by all of the responses.

I’m even more humbled by all of you. I received so many emails, notes and texts cheering me on and using words like inspiration, pride and amazing.

It still feels surreal.

I’m not sure what I expected.  

There’s the high of accomplishment, a mix of reverie and sadness as well.  A wordless “what’s next?”

The truth is I don’t know. I have no idea where this will take me.  

I know what actions I’ll focus on next; my video series, a training program, an art project for my daughter’s kindergarten class - those all feel real and possible.

I know I was alive at the front of the room.

I connected with people - they shared with me things that I had inspired them to do - find joy, own their actions, realize their dreams all because they heard me speak.

I told stories and they laughed. I stumbled a few times, it certainly wasn’t flawless but it was authentic. I may have even sang a word or two.

Whatever will be will be.

I don’t have control over what the outcome is. I do know I left my heart up there and I could feel you all behind me.

On the plane ride over I couldn’t stop smiling.

On the plan ride back, I felt close to tears most of the way.  It’s almost like once the adrenaline wore off there was a lull.

I wasn’t prepared for the well of emotions that comes along with realizing a dream. To realize that you've accomplished something leaves an interesting void. I also realized that I'd been holding my breath in anticipation. 

It feels good to get back to deep breathing. 

It's also fun to start thinking about what I'm going do to fill my new void. 

I found myself asking, what do I want to do now?

And in response, I've reached a new high in how much I'm willing to allow myself to dream - I truly feel almost limitless and that is very unexpected.

Where will your dreams take you?



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