Dreams to Reality

Dreams to Reality

Orion has risen high enough in the night sky to be visible again.  He’s my anchor constellation.  My father and I used Orion as a touch-point when I moved from Hawaii to Seattle 17 years ago today. We still use; it’s our special thing. My parents have just arrived to stay with me for a 3 week stretch. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the night my father arrived I found Orion in the sky again.

I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that they have arrived in time to celebrate my 1 year anniversary in my home or my 17 year anniversary of living in WA or that they will be here to help me with my girls when I travel at the end of next week to NYC to stand on a stage and deliver a workshop to 250 professional women from Microsoft.  

I am beyond honored and excited to share the stage with some amazing speakers and facilitators.

One of the organizers of the conference asked me for a book recommendation.  The two that are most appropriate to my workshop topic are The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath.  There are also the two books I give to my clients as part of our work in my 2-DAY VIP Insight Days.

Strengthsfinder has been on my list for a few years and I’ve done it with teams that have worked with me. It’s been a reliable compass and a book I’ve referred to over and over again in helping others find clarity in what their unique strengths are.

The Desire Map changed my life. It was a bit more than a year ago I started going through the Desire Map work led by the rare genius of L’Erin Alta.

In this work, I discovered a dream that I had never voiced before. A dream so deeply hidden I didn’t realize I even had it. That dream was to be on a stage speaking my message.

At that time I couldn’t have told you what that message was or how I was going to get to that stage. I just knew that THAT was the dream, the ultimate goal. It was February of this year.

If someone had told me 9 months later I would be living that dream, facilitating for 250 professional women, I would never have believed them.

I’ve been presenting material to groups my whole life, it’s one of my natural gifts and talents. I’ve worked hard to hone my craft, I’ve been in Toastmasters on and off for 10 years. Communication is one of my strengths (per the Strengthsfinder system).

The opportunity to use this gift is always a welcome one. This week, I’ll get to use it with express intent of helping others.

There is something so deeply gratifying about preparing for and doing work that you are truly built for and love to do. There have been amazing people that have rallied around me in support of what I’m doing and building and I am so deeply grateful for each and every one of them.  

I have been endlessly blessed with gifts on this journey: from my parents helping with my girls, to one of my ultra-talented friends who transformed my deck from humdrum to mind-blowing, to countless others who have helped me find the leads, hone the material, craft the messaging and get the proper logistics organized. Each person has played a special part in making my dreams come true.

I want to repeat this because it’s an important point - I voiced a dream and in 9 months, people who love me helped me make it real.

Today I’m doing a dry-run with an intimate group of friends and fellow Toastmasters and Friday, I’m going to do an outstanding job of delivering my message. I have every confidence it will be incredible because it’s the epitome of all of my gifts and talents as well as the gifts and talents of those in my circle of loving support concentrated in one 60-minute, life-changing presentation.

Thank you for your role in making my dream real.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side.


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