How the Universe Helped with My Taxes

How the Universe Helped with My Taxes

There has been a significant amount of serendipity in my life lately.  I believe if you are open to it and watchful for it, anyone and everyone can have the same experience.  

According to Google, the definition of serendipity is “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”  

I personally think of serendipity like I think of coincidences: “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection."

If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know that I took a course called SynchroDestiny with Deepak Chopra. In this amazing program, the first thing you learn about is the power of coincidence.

Last week I experienced something that was nothing short of a miraculous set of coincidences that took a ridiculously stressful situation and made it almost laughably easy. Today, I’m feeling like a pretty amazing student. I think Deepak would be proud.

Here’s the story:

I was divorced in March 2014. My former husband and I have investment properties and two kids so while we don’t have a relationship that requires alimony, we are far from “untangled” financially. 2014 was the first year that we were filling taxes post our divorce. Because of the complications of our year, we deferred our taxes from April to October. They were due this past Thursday on the 15th.

I had been following up with the father of my children for months trying to get status and offering help. Unfortunately, he was unable to get time to focus and so as of the 12th, we were still not ready. I had also just learned that day I was required to file as single and that we should not use the same tax firm. I had been embarrassingly enough, waiting on having the rental property information from him before I approached what I needed for myself. For the 2014 tax year, I had my personal, business and real estate taxes to do. I had also purchased and sold a home in 2014. This was not s simple set of taxes to complete and I had no idea who was going to help me do them.

Last week Sunday I went to church and while I was there my cousin introduced me to a woman she had wanted me to meet.  Apparently this introduction has been on my cousin’s “To Do” list for some time. The woman I met, Terra, is a bookkeeper / accountant for small and medium businesses. In our conversation I mentioned taxes and she said she didn’t do them but knew someone who could.

On Monday I emailed Terra to set up a bookkeeping appointment and got the name of the tax person. I wrote a simple email to my new tax contact, Miriam. I told her I was overwhelmed and confused but had “zero expectation” she could help me for 2014. I asked instead for help setting myself up for success going forward.  We talked at 3 PM on Tuesday the 13th and she offered to help me. I didn’t care that it would cost me extra, I didn’t hesitate for a second to take her up on her generous offer. I’m so glad I didn’t because exactly 48 hours later, I was driving to Miriam’s house to sign my tax paperwork.

Now, I realize I didn’t have the heavy lifting role in any of this.  My former husband had a significant amount (and I don’t think his role was easy or stress-less) and my tax hero had the other half.  But in my version of this story, I went from scared, overwhelmed and feeling lost to calling in my own power, jumping on the tax lead on, pulling my stuff together quickly and taking action when the universe presented an opportunity.

I was rewarded richly with a tax return that was more than ten times the amount I had to pay in exchange for this this amazing woman’s help.

In my payment note I told her she was a "God send".

The universe helped me with my taxes. I didn’t ask for a tax person but the powers that be knew that I had a problem and they put a series of opportunities in my path to help me to solve it.  My job was to take action on those opportunities. Because I did, I got my complicated taxes done in a 48-hour window with little-to-no drama and an incredible amount of ease and flow given tight deadlines, a complete stranger and starting with only half the necessary data. 

I believed what I learned in my SynchroDestiny program. It's one thing to believe and another thing to know.

Now, I know.

There are truly gifts from the universe all around us: we need only take action when they are presented to take full advantage of everything they have to offer.

How is the Universe trying to help you?

If the universe has ever helped you, please share your story below!

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