Spirituality, to me, is a mindset that guides how you view, approach and interact with the world around you.

Meditation is a process I’ve used to help shift my perspective and my way of interaction.

It helps me focus on the good and joy and light when they can be hard to find.

Whether through culture, environment or conditioning, the way we show up in the world is often not from a source of worthiness and love, but often a place of fear and shame which manifests in all sorts of misunderstood behaviors.

This page is a page of resources, designed to provide you with basic tools to help yourself, or others in your life, find a more balanced, mindful, heart-led way to move through the world. If you’d like, I can also create a custom meditation designed to help with your current life situation and goals.



A technique designed to help ensure your feet are firmly planted on the earth. This is helpful when you are feeling unsafe, extra cerebral or "in your head" or like the Earth is crumbling underneath your feet and you can't stand up with confidence.



When feeling unstable (grounding is good for this too). Potentially walking into a "risky" situation or one where you know the energy will be aggressive or threatening to your strength and peace. Neutrality helps you stay in your own energetic space and actively protect yourself from the energy of others. Allowing you to feel more guarded against something that could otherwise "take you out" of your game.


A favorite of my daughters, wrap yourself in the energy of an animal that has the energy you need to channel.  Want to feel fierce? Call in the energy of a panther, jaguar, lion etc. Need to feel joy and lightness? How about a hummingbird or butterfly? Another option is to pull in just a ball of light and cover yourself in that light from head to toe.  (A meditation for that is below).

Instructions for animal energy:

  • Close your eyes

  • Take four (4) deep belly breaths

  • "Call" the animal energy of your choice to you.

  • Stay there until you feel it.

  • Be sure to thank the energy when it comes in and be conscious and grateful when you release it.