21 Days of Self Discovery

starts 1.6.16

Let's supercharge your New Year goals!

Self Discovery is so crucial to the success of any endeavor!

Over this 21 day event there will be three main themes; Home, Work & Balance. 

Each day you'll receive a question designed to get you thinking about the theme of the week. The questions are meant to instigate thought and to open your eyes in a loving and gentle way. 


Information is power. Perspective is an art form.

There is no right or wrong, just your personal truth.

There will be a private Facebook Group so you can share what's coming up for you and get personalized attention from me.

I'll also host 3 live coaching calls, one every Tuesday @ 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern / 10 PM GMT starting 1.12.16

I'll be available to talk about what came up for you while you were diving into your questions. You can join in and share your story or just listen.  You can also email or post questions and I'll answer them live on the call.

Did I mention it's only $30? 

I've limited the size of the group so I can be available to help you personally.

If you're ready to "own" your New Year, I know you'll want to join me.

Thank you so much for your interest but the window to join this program has expired. 

The plan is do another one in April 2016.  Get on my mailing list now so you'll know when!