Get ready for clarity.


My name is Lani Catherine. I’m a clarity coach. I help you see deeper inside yourself and make sense of your life’s story.

Welcome to my online sanctuary; a front row seat to my life’s experiences and an invitation to explore your world with a new lens.

Take a deep breath and please, make yourself at home.



Crafted exclusively for you, I custom design our work together; combining your needs, desires and intentions with my intuition, talent and years of experience. Designed to remind you how amazing you are, exactly as you are.

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Energy & Insight

I’m a born healer and a certified Reiki Master. Tarot cards make me swoon and a pendulum is one of my bffs. Energy is part of me so it’s part of my coaching work. It also stands on its own. I encourage you to explore with an open heart + mind.

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You are not alone. This is a place to be completely and authentically you, without shame, guilt or judgement. I share vulnerable and authentic stories of my life experiences because I want you to be inspired and feel safe showing up, exactly as you are.

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WE all start somewhere

From believing something was wrong with me as a child, to strange experiences I couldn’t explain. From losing people I love, to my relationship with alcohol. From my divorce, to learning about myself, and falling back in love with who I am. I share it all, unfiltered, so you know you’re not alone.

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To Live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

— Oscar Wilde