Where does your healing begin?

When we honor what's present in the now, then can we begin to re-align what is out of alignment with our wholeness.

I've spent the last few years discovering what my role is on this planet. Part of it is to help facilitate your healing. My home was built for it, as was I, so I'm combining the two together and offering a place for you to begin your path to healing.

I'll use everything I've studied in energy medicine, Reiki, meditation, intuition and self development to create a sacred space where you can come, sit and just be - no obligations, no questions asked. Just space to breathe.

I promise some or all of the following: a quiet sanctuary, guided meditation, energy work / education all in a safe and love-filled environment.

Take one happy hour a month and turn it into a healing hour and watch your life change.

How this goes: Come as you are. Bring yourself and a cushion to sit on. Wear something extra comfortable. No RSVP required.

Details: Sessions are in a group and last approximately one hour. Each session will be different, based on the needs of the group; which I'll determine when everyone arrives. The cost is donation based and cash is preferred however, please don't let your financial situation stop you from coming.

Rules: Be sober. (No one under the influence will be allowed to participate). Be fed and hydrated. Be on time, the doors will close and lock at 5 minutes past the hour so once the container is set, it will be sacred.

Check the calendar below for dates and times of sessions.