As a professional speaker and facilitator, I've done numerous events for multiple organizations across the Seattle area including Microsoft’s SMSG Women’s Group and the WA Diversity Council.  

My topics are always motivational and inspirational and get the audience fully engaged.  In addition, participants walk away with helpful tips and techniques that can be quickly and easily implemented; an immediate value-add. The following are my areas of expertise.

FINDING YOUR center of power:

In this popular topic, I help the audience identify their unique talents and strengths, focus in on sources of joy and motivation, and personalize their definition of success. The intersection is what I call the “Center of Power” where people are performing at their best level of efficiency, utilizing everything they have to offer and feeling amazing while doing it.  This is a great topic to infuse empowerment into your organization and is a very hands-on session for the audience.



This gentle and inspiring session is specifically geared toward helping people get back into the power seat in their life. It focuses on gratitude, self-care and finding their individual spark of light to re-ignite the fire in the belly. This series is specific to an audience looking to re-energize and invigorate those who are feeling a lack of passion and motivation. 



Stress Less:

This speaking topic is also a popular choice. Stress Less is about stress management and mitigation. Successful business professionals do a lot for their families and for their companies, usually at the expense of the individual. This workshop focuses on ways to successfully manage and mitigate stress and enhance self-care. This is an excellent topic for those on the brink of burnout or a group of over-achievers.



Super Powers in Everyday Life:

Super Powers narrows in on just one branch of the Center of Power seminar; it’s focused on the unique gifts and talents of each individual and how those gifts and talents, once identified and communicated can help strengthen teams and entire organizations when shared. All too often we are not using all of our skills in our roles. In addition we are being asked to perform more, better and with less resources.  The best way to overcome this misalignment is to ensure the right resources are in the right place. This program is best for companies or teams coming out of a restructure and looking to quickly re-engage employees from a place of reward and recognition for their unique contributions.

It’s amazing what happens to people when they step into the power position in their own life and career.

You see a blossoming of self-confidence that more than pays for itself in productivity, efficiency and culture for every organization.

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