super charge my team

Because what I do is unique and I want you to be fully comfortable about the design and benefits of this work, I've included the following FAQs. I am always available and thrilled to answer any additional questions.  I promise, if I don't think I can help you best, I'll send you somewhere else. 


Q. Why separate the team and the leader? Building, leading and motivating teams for 20+ years, I know how employees think. I also know that they are much more likely to let their guard down if their boss is "out of the room."  Because of the design of this type of work, the leader gets a valuable fresh perspective on their team and some new ideas on how their team can better achieve the goals they have set before them.

Q. Is the leader separated the whole time? No, the leader starts and ends the day with the team.  The leader also has work to do outside and in preparation for the session.

Q. What work does the leader need to do before the session? The leader needs to make a list of all employees and the two top strengths/talents they have recognized in working with that employee. These will be shared with the team members individually during the session. The leader will also need to have a list of the top strengths and skills they believe their team needs to chase down team goals in the next 12 months.

Q. How long is a Super Charge session? Depending on the size of the team, ideally less than 8, we can cover the team part of the session in the time span of 4-6 hours. The more time we have the stronger the connections we make when analyzing and connecting the team's strengths with team goals. 

Q. How long is the Leader's Coaching session? The leader's coaching session is for 2 hours.  It does NOT have to happen on the same day but it does need to happen within the same week of the event.  Ideally, this is in person.

Q. Does the session have to happen in person? Yes, these sessions are best in person. There is a significant amount of white-boarding and brainstorming and that happens best when everyone is around the same table.

Q. How do I learn more?  Thank you for your interest! Fill out this form and I'll get back to you in 48 hours or less.