Do you do work that makes you happy?

Do you know what it looks like?

Are you uncomfortable in your current spot; bored, restless, feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled? It's time to align your daily activities with something you can put your heart & soul into. 

What are those things in the back of your mind you’ve always wanted to explore, do, see?

What do people tell you you are great at?

Maybe you've seen a few glints of hope or maybe you have a job you LOVE but you know it has the power to be even better. Whenever we step into our gifts, there's a moment of comfort, you get more energy, you feel authentic and powerful. 

Sometimes the transition can be difficult.  You're used to success showing up a certain way - starting over and stumbling doesn’t feel great even though, intuitively, you know it’s part of the learning process.

Most of all there's a lot of fear.

This is my specialty.

I help business professionals and professionals in transition to harness the power of their unique talents so they feel a deeper satisfaction knowing they are doing what makes them happy, more productive and on the right path to greater success.

I'm a transformation guide . connector . light-reflector . insight specialist

My formula is 40% Self Discovery, 20% Planning, 20% Action and 20% Magic.

What’s your unique recipe to find the intersection as Frederick Buechner says “Where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need”? 

I call this your "Zone of Genius". 

I specialize in helping people find the Zone.

It's time to do something that lights you up from the inside. 

I am here to show you how.