Here is a selection of some of the teachers I've studied and books I've read that inform who I am and the philosophies I pull from in my work. Click on any of the pictures for links to review the products and paths to purchase. It's important to me to let you know that I receive a commission for anything purchased from this page. I am grateful for your interest and support. Also, please feel free to email me and ask questions about anything on this page, I'm happy to share my perspective. 

Gifts of Imperfection served as my first realization that the life I was living, the example I was setting for my daughters was NOT what I wanted it to be.

Transitions was recommended to me when I was moving from my corporate career to my entrepreneurial life. It's quite the guide and dead on helpful.

Martha Beck has been a teacher in so many ways. I loved this book about getting to the root of what you dreamed to be as a child and understanding why.


Illusions was and has been one of my top favorite books since 7th Grade. It was the first time I remember my view of the natural elements of Earth taking on a different form.

Money, A Love Story, was an investment in me because my former husband took care of the finances and when the responsibility was 100% mine; I knew I wanted to love it.


The Desire Map was a crucial part of my journey of Self Discovery. It helped to define how I want to feel from day to day. I had no idea how powerful knowing your CDFs could be.

I recommend The Charisma Myth more often than most other books. Not just because of the Charisma boosting skills but because of the excellent negativity management skills. A great read!

Law 7 of the Seven Spiritual Laws is part of the foundation of my belief and the work I do: what is your purpose on this Earth and how do you find it?

Another key text in my work, Strengthsfinder is all about identifying your key top strengths. Knowing these for me has helped me to communicate what my skills are to others.

The Celestine Prophecy is another life-changing book for me. When I read it originally I got something out of it. When i read it the second time, something more & different and every time since then I learn something new.  Amazing.

Quiet Power strategy is a must as an entrepreneur. This book helped me to hone my voice and gave me the much-needed permission to run my business my way.

Broken Open was a recommendation when I was going through my divorce. In so many ways, this book saved me and helped me to begin healing.

This was the first deck of oracle cards I started working with. The first time I used them I realized they were an incredible medium for me to communicate with my divine guides. They are still one of my favorite decks (I now have 5).

I read 75 Habits after I was divorced. I wished I had read it before. But this book has a ton of self-love techniques and tips I use with my girls to show my love. An excellent book on relationships in general.

My latest addiction: The Muse Headset. It listens to your brain patterns and gives you feedback on whether you are calm, neutral or active during a session. It has revolutionized my meditation practice in the most amazing way. 

As a woman, this book challenged the way I was raised, who I am and how I experience pleasure. I couldn't be more grateful for its lessons in my life and how it has changed me. If you are a woman, read this for your own liberation. If you are a man, read this to truly understand the power of the women in your life.