Imagine if….

Every part of your life’s story made sense.

All your life experiences have meaning and significance. (They do.)

You could feel deep comfort in your own skin, confidence in your unique perspective, and strength in your authentic voice.


How far away is it from your truth?

my journey started very simply; I knew I wasn't using the best of what I had to offer the world.

I also remember the confusion that followed this awareness because I had all the things I was led to believe meant I should be living a successful and satisfying life.

Except, I felt anything but successful or satisfied.

So, as is my style, I dove in deep, dismantled my life and essentially, started over. Piece by curated piece, I rebuilt my life on what made me feel most authentic and in my own skin. Here’s the list:

  • More than my 50% share of my time with my amazing daughters

  • A sanctuary of a living space to recharge, retreat and nourish - that I felt safe to share with others

  • A life led with my heart first and open, fueled by curiosity and wonder, centered on vibrancy, love and learning

  • A business that gave me a platform to help others find the beauty in their own life story (no matter how dark it’s been).

because there is only one of you, you were crafted for something remarkable, and we need all of you in this crazy world.


I’ve crafted my own set of powerful, flexible tools after years spent studying under spiritual and personal development teachers like Martha Beck and Deepak Chopra. My tools are designed to help you find knowing, clarity and trust in your personal journey; so you can move through the world centered in confidence and self assurance.

What if all of your life’s experiences have all been aimed at bringing the best version of yourself into the world, so you can do what you were born to do?

It's inside; waiting for you to allow it to surface.

P.S. If you want to hear my personal story,  you can listen to my radio interview below or hop on over to the blog and poke around. It doesn’t get more open, real or vulnerable than this.

Welcome to my sanctuary.