What is a Self-Discovery Program?

Self-Discovery Programs are based on the theory that understanding your personal why is key to any of your decisions. Knowing who you are, and why you are making the choices you are making is foundational to creating a life you love.

What are the components of a Self-Discovery Program?

You'll get a welcome message when you first sign up.  Then, starting the next day, you'll receive an email with a question related to the theme of the Program you choose. The email might contain a short story to get the juices flowing or just simply ask you to ponder a question. Whether you choose to write it out or just mull it over, the point is to open your eyes and witness your own personal perspective with warmth and love. No judging. 

You'll get a new question each day for 21 days.  Some Programs have multiple themes and some themes are singularly focused for throughout.

Why are the Programs each 21 days long?

It takes approximately 21 days to change an adult habit. I structured each Program so that doing just one will help get you in the habit of asking yourself deeper questions when faced with daily decisions.

How do I know which Program to choose?

I'd highly recommend only doing one Program at a time.  Focus is essential to getting the most out of each.  There's a description and title for each Program below. Choose the one that resonates with you most in the moment. You can't make a wrong choice.

What if I want some coaching help?

If, during your Self Discovery Program, you get stuck, overwhelmed or have some stuff come up that you need to work through, I'm here for you.  For a discounted coaching rate of $120 an hour (a 20% savings over regular pricing) you can hire me to help you through. You can use this discount multiple times if you need to. 


Pick a Program and let's get started!